Mad dogs and Englishmen!

It has been hot today! Freda says that I cannot get a good reading on the roof terrace because all the surfaces, where I would place the thermometer, are heated up, and therefore I cannot record the actual air temperature. Of course, she's right, as usual!

I took this pic at about three o'clock, as you can see, the thermometer is in the shade, but it's on a foam cushion, which is hotter than the air around it. If you click twice on the picture, you should be able to read the temperature on the screen. (It reads 50.4)

I moved it, and balanced it among the branches of our (almost dead) Jasmine plant. Yes, I know; the reading came down by 2 degrees! But it is still hot at 48.5!

We're all more or less ready for the off tomorrow. We packed and repacked the cases this afternoon, been out for a lovely meal tonight, courtesy of Magpie Linda from TripAdvisor, at the Regal Lounge. I might even get around to placing a review on TA about it. Tomorrow, all we need to do is to give our cleaner, Rashad, his holiday pay and his bag of Ramadan goodies, then make sure that all is secure and everything switched off and hand the keys over to our temporary caretaker Mr Haggag.

Tutti Frutti Christine is picking us up at about 1.30 in the afternoon, to go to the airport, where we'll have to blag a cup of tea out of her as Rashad is getting the last of our cash! So, the next Blog will be from good old Windy Nook, insh'Allah!

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