I've just stopped for a quick cuppa, don't have much time today, as I'm doing interesting things like clearing the timber off the roof terrace and sorting out my tools and tool box etc. I've had the box emptied and vacuumed out the four years of dust, and put all the tools back in that belong there, plus, I've made room for my farouk (angle grinder) as well. But I've now got a pile of assorted screws, toilet seat hinges, vacuum cleaner belts (new and old) pins out of broken electric plugs, small springs out of defunct door handles, etc........... you know; things that I might just need one day! But where to keep them? That, Dear Reader is the burning question of the day. I don't want to clutter up the tool box again with them, and Freda won't let me keep them in a jar on the sideboard (typical woman!), I'll have to ponder for a while!

Freda is also keeping busy, she's just finished washing the clothes line and pegs. What fascinating stuff you get on this Blog! I'm about to nip downstairs to see if the spare toilet seat hinge I've found is the same as the part which has snapped on the guest apartment toilet seat. I'm soooo excited!!!!! If it is, I'm going to get one of the girls to buy me a lottery ticket this week!

Well, I'd better get on, time and tide wait for no man, and all that.

By the way, 101 refers to the fact that we had our one hundred and first country looking at the Blog today: Zimbabwe. So only another 95 (or so) to go for a full house!

EDIT: Don't get me a lottery ticket, girls!

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