I didn't see a brush in the Governor's hand!

Well, today was to be the day! Luxor Clean City!

We were to meet in the Abu Al Haggag Square at 09.00, to be issued with gloves and T shirts and brushes and shovel things, oh and a mask! I originally thought that the mask might have been so that no-one knew who you were whilst wearing the disgusting 'baseball' type of cap, which was issued at the last meeting with the 'Bossman'. But it wasn't, it was the sort that the Oriental visitors to Luxor wear, the one that has elastic loops which go around the ears, and eventually looks like a windblown handkerchief which has attached itself to your face!

Anyway, there was a good crowd of Egyptians, mainly youngsters, a veritable army of Amoun men with trucks and their little bin-carrying barrows. But not many foreigners, or not many that I could see. I was wearing my ridiculous headgear, so that I would be recognised as one who was there to participate, but no-one seemed to be available to deal with anyone who wasn't Egyptian, how strange! Freda and I took a seat and watched the people milling around, then saw the Governor and his deputy, who shook hands with those who approached them and then, gradually, made their way back towards where the official car (the Merc)  was standing. One of the foreign organising ladies bustled past with a small group, armed with brushes etc, but still there was no sign of anyone distributing cleaning equipment or protective gear. After speaking to one or two people who seemed to be in the same boat as us, we moseyed on home!

We walked back through the souk and the back streets, and I snapped off a couple of shots on the way. I don't think that the Governor will get around to these locations very often! 

This corner plot of land is two streets back from the tourist souk, just off Cleopatra Street. In fact, it was one of the possibilities which we were looking at before we actually bought our present home! The whole plot of land is about one and a half metres deep in refuse. When it was shown to us six years ago, it wasn't quite so deep, and there were sheep feeding among it.

Just a little further along; we found this enchanting small cat having a snooze!

Then, a little farther again, just before we turn towards Mustafa Kamel Street, we came upon this pleasantly arranged group of black bags, and accompanying accoutrements.

I don't want to be disparaging, or seem defeatist; but the Governor and the Luxor Clean City team certainly have their work cut out! The local population don't give two hoots about cleanliness, or hygiene, or bad smells! That's just how Luxor is, love it or loathe it!

Apparently, Qena was like Luxor until the Governor there decided that it WOULD be a clean town, and instructed the police to fine anyone causing any sort of litter or rubbish problem. They tell me that it is now a beautifully clean place! It's such a pity that the only way to get things done here is to be particularly nasty to people, and frighten them into doing what should come naturally! But, then again, who are we to impose our cultural 'norms' onto an independent (and very old) civilisation?

I honestly don't know what to think any more, I give up. (And, I'm going back to bed!!!) 

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  1. Thank you for such a prompt report on the Clean up Day and also for the pictorial guide to the real situation 'behind the scenes'!