I see the moon, the moon sees me.

That's the first line of the first song I can ever remember! Although I could be very wrong, I seem to remember my Mam and our Susan singing it when I was quite little. Anyway, the last demolition picture brought it to mind. (If you blow it up by clicking on it twice; you can see the stars as well.)

"Please let the moon that shines on me, shine on the one I love." God willing, we'll all be under the same moon in 17 days time. I'm not really counting the days, or anything like that you know. LOL.

Well that's the end of the Shady Corner project for the minute, until we get some money, at least. Now I've got the lovely job of taking all the nails out of the laths, which will probably take me 17 days anyway!

Keep popping in, and I'll see what I can find which might be of interest. (Or might not!)

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