When I was younger, I could quite truthfully say "I'm not very clever, but I can nor'alf lift heavy things!" Well, now that I'm knocking on a bit, I can't lift very heavy things any more, so where does that leave me?

I'm broaching this subject as a prelude to, hopefully, giving you some good news. As you are already aware; I've messed up the blog, losing the Followers and the Feedjit gadget, and heaven knows what else. But, in my searching around for ways to either correct my folly or to disappear the Blog altogether, I came across something entirely different! With a fiddle here and a diddle there, I think I have made it easier for you to post a comment! Although it will not appear immediately, as it comes to me first so that I can 'yea' or 'nay' it.

I just thought I'd put this pic in, as I used to be daft enough to be a member of the North Shields "Tent" of The Sons of the Desert".

Please, someone have a try, to test it out, so to speak?


  1. TESTING!Good Luck hope this works from Daft-ee

  2. Good Day Edward & Freda! Laurel & Hardy, great fun. I just saw this film on Turner Classic Movies just this past spring. Glad to see You're doing alright.