All that glisters is not gold!

I've been putting off writing this piece, as I think some readers might judge it to be 'petty', but after due reflection; I believe that that isn't so. The subject matter is what reputations and the consequent trust of potential clients is based upon, so our livelihood could be put at risk by this cavalier behaviour!

No doubt you regular readers would have noticed my 'crowing' in the Blog of 11th July, entitled 'I'm a Winner!' At the time, I think I was perfectly justified in my state of proud happiness. Nevertheless, all was not as it seemed!

The day before yesterday. I happened to notice that another of the FlipKey Vacation Rental properties in Luxor (well, on the Side of the Dead, actually) had added to their heading 'Award Winning'. Well, you have to look, don't you?

Lo and behold, they are also deemed to be the 'Top Vacation Rental Luxor' Awarded by FlipKey! That's really clever, isn't it? Maybe we could try having two Miss Worlds, or two Football League Champions, I wonder how well they would go down?

To say that I'm 'hopping mad' would be the greatest understatement since Brother Noah said "Looks like rain, boys." I'm currently waiting for a reply from FlipKey, about this shabby attempt to gain some free advertising for FlipKey on the websites of their paying customers!

I freely admit that this other rental property has slightly more overall 5* ratings than mine does, but when the star ratings for the specific aspects of the property or service are calculated, it's a different story altogether.

Our Luxor is one apartment, and has had 690 stars awarded out of the 700 which were available. The other 'Top Vacation Rental Luxor' is three flats and has had 518 stars awarded out of a possible 540. Now; I'm not really as big headed as the late great Dave King was, but the figures would speak for themselves, I should think?

We'll just have to wait and see what the man at FlipKey has to say when he gets around to answering my email. A company like that will come up with a nice smooth answer, no doubt!

You can be sure I'll keep you in the picture.

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