Every home should have one!

Here it is Dear Reader, what every home requires. A marvel of invention, and with a myriad uses!

I should have been a market trader. I've always known it, even from when I was quite young and joined my old mate Harry Taylor selling things like 'Clackers' (those things which were responsible for breaking so many children's wrists) and furry monkeys up and down the land from Berwick-upon-Tweed to Easingwold in the early 70's!

Enough reminiscing!!! Here is what I'm selling today:

It's obviously a handy item, and that's why we bought two of them when we were furnishing our two apartments. I'm not sure whether any of our guests have ever used the 'step' facility, although I cannot really imagine why they should need to. But I use them for all sorts of little jobs where I would otherwise need to get out one of my sets of steps, very useful indeed! Nevertheless, they are only really suitable for reaching up for things, or looking into cupboards etc. which would otherwise be too high. They are NOT suitable for a working 'platform', a fact which I found out just this morning, and to my cost!!!!!

Determined to do a bit more chain-drilling from outside before the sun came around; I placed my step/stool on top of the dikkeh, which is outside, and directly below where the A/C is going.

"Champion!" I thought, "Standing up here on this, saves moving the heavy dikkeh to get the steps near." Here is the result of me leaning to one side while pushing hard on the drilling machine:

"Ooooer! How did that get broken?" I can hear you ask. Well, perhaps the sixteen stone writer's left hip bouncing off the edge of the dikkeh and landing on top of the step/stool (which beat him to the ground) before eventually landing on the tiles, might have had something to do with it! So, listen to your Elf 'n' Safety man in future, if you don't want to have grazed knees, elbows and hips, and a badly bruised sense of self esteem!
I'm taking the rest of the day off from manual labour.

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