The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang!

Here are a few of the desperadoes who made up some of the legendary gangs:
From left to right: The Sundance Kid, 'News' Carver, The Tall Texan, Kid Curry and Butch Cassidy. Fine looking fellows, I'm sure you'll agree. (Thanks to Wikipedia for the pic.)

But to get back to the present day........

I had a bit of a sickener this morning when I fell off my 'scaffolding'. After a little rest, while I was washing a few dishes (just for a change), I came over all funny. I also felt quite sick all of a sudden. Nurse Jennings said that it might be 'shock', so, after taking a couple of paracetamol and a cataflam (diclofenac), I was allowed to have a nap! I didn't sleep very long, maybe an hour, but felt greatly improved. I intended to not do anything else today, but then I decided to perhaps do a bit of cleaning. As you can imagine, knocking through walls does prove to be a tad dusty! Swept and vacuumed around, not really thoroughly, but enough to stop treading the muck everywhere. Then I decided to empty the vacuum cleaner, then give it a good wash, plus the cable, it's like new! Only problem was that while I was knocking the dust out of the filter; a part of it which I had imagined was fixed, fell off and down onto Mr Mohamed's roof!!!! That's  going to present a problem for another day.

I played on the lap top on and off, but when I sat for a while my hip was very sore when I got up, so I thought that I'd better keep moving. Went out and got some of Chez Omar's lovely Kofta and some nice bread rolls from the baker, along with a couple of little treats for the invalid. The kofta sandwiches were very tasty, a bit extra pepper I would say, but very nice all the same! We watched some of Spartacus, the first disc actually and then I lay down to sleep. Sleep wouldn't come, and also I was a bit worried about the hole in the wall not getting finished. I was imagining my hip seizing up altogether after lying in bed all night!

I thought it best to carry on while I knew that I could. So, I arranged some better scaffolding. This time I used my big steps, but seeing as I was still working in the corner of the roof terrace, and might still be inclined to push against the side wall, if I forgot; I jammed the small dikkeh up against the side of the steps, so that they couldn't fall sideways. I felt much safer and got stuck in!

As you can see, the chain drilling seems to be working. I took the bottom section out in two bits, so as not to have any really heavy lumps. Remember that I have to carry them downstairs as well, to get rid of them.

Several cups of tea and a lot of dust and vibrating of fingers etc. later, we were left with the last piece!

A Few minutes after that, and Hey Presto, we have a new Hole-in-the-Wall Gang, consisting of yours truly and my lovely assistant photographer, Madam Fareda!
Tomorrow? Cleaning, I think!
Sleep well.

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