Destruction at Our Luxor!!!!

Well playmates (yes, still on that Arthur Askey kick, I'm afraid) the second night of dismantling went well, but I couldn't be bothered to blog it, so it's getting bunged in with the third nights work.

Just to remind you where we started:

And this is where we finished after the first night:

The second night was where it started to get a bit on the heavy side, and VERY dirty and dusty. There's four years of Mummy Dust up there, blown over from the West Bank. (The Side of the Dead) Here's the pictures, the first one is where the plinth for the central support was mounted:

Next comes the front main cross member, which with it's Christian cross motifs and the triangular fascia board, made up the front section of the roof, the bit that everyone sees. It looks easy enough to take to bits, but the inch square laths which are fastened to the four cross members are each nailed with four nails of about two and a half inches, and there are a great many laths. I haven't had the time nor the inclination to count them.

So this is the end result of two nights work.

By the third night, I had realised that Mummy Dust isn't very good for the chest, and as I was working actually under the timber whilst knocking it to bits, I thought some protective head gear would be appropriate, so out came my trusty Egyptian head protection and a dust mask from good old Blighty. Some cheeky bird got a snap of me!

I nearly got my own back on her when the head flew off the rubbishy Chinese hammer!!! But it missed and she scuttled back indoors, with that evil chuckle that only women can perfect! Anyway, bit by bit and with the odd cuppa to help me along; it's now just about down altogether. Here's the pictorial progress:

I can hear you complaining, "Why has he left it like that, when another 20 minutes or so would have seen the job done?" Well, Dear Reader, I'd had enough! And when you're fortunate enough to live here in Luxor; when you've had enough, you stop. We mightn't have any money, but we can do as we like. LOL! It reminds me of the words of a piece we used to sing in the chapel choir at suppers and things, called Linden Lea. "Let other folks make money faster in the air of dark roomed towns". Well, God has looked kindly on us, and here we are in our very own little Linden Lea, but we call it "Our Luxor".
And now, we're going to watch the second half of the 'Special Edition' of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, and we might even try some more tea.
Maybe I'll do some more tomorrow, we'll see!

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