Two little matters.

Firstly, fresh pasteurised milk! It's really only been available in Luxor fairly recently, well for the past 4 or 5 years anyway. From what I've seen and heard from Egyptian friends and neighbours; they prefer the fresh milk from the travelling milkman. He rides around on his motorbike festooned with milk churns of various sizes, and various jugs and funnels etc. Of course this is straight from the cow! Or buffalo, perhaps, and entirely untreated. Maybe that's why there's so much TB here? I know that our neighbour Mr Fawi was feeding it to his 6 month old son (whom he calls Mr Ugly), but that was about 4 years ago, and little Tito seems to have survived OK, indeed thrived, he's a ton weight!
But, being soft I don't want to catch TB at this delicate stage of my life. So, I prefer the Pasteurised variety. At first there seemed to be only one supplier; Labanita. It was mostly OK, and bought originally from the Omar Market on Medina Street. The Omar Market have a reputation (rightly or wrongly, I don't know) of turning off their fridges and freezers during the night, in any case; the milk wasn't always good!
Then, only last year I think, Arkwright's started to sell fresh milk from Dina Farms, also their 'milk with dates' drink which was lovely. Before long, all the larger supermarkets were stocking the Dina products. Then came the revolution, and the problems began! Angie at Arkwrights told us that the Dina Farms wagon was hi-jacked on the way from Cairo to Luxor. We expected the supply to start up again after a while, but it didn't, so it was back to the old Labanita!
Labanita milk doesn't actually smell very nice, and the Dina tasted better too. So it's rather annoying to not be able to get it any more. Nevertheless, this morning, I just finished the last of a bottle of Labanita (8th July) which was produced on the 20th June! That's pretty good, I think. Trouble is; I haven't been able to find any more for the past week or so, maybe the Labanita cow has dried up????

Secondly, I'm constantly amazed at the variety of search keywords which direct people to my blog! I know that I've bored you with them on two occasions before, but I've just got to let you see some of the more recent searches which have come up with the "Discover 'Our Luxor' Apartment" blog.

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There were quite a few more, but I think this selection represents the quirkiest, what do you think?

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  1. We go through 2+ gallons of milk a week. We love milk. Wisconsin is America's Daryland, albeit California now has more cows. Currently $3.80 a gallon for skim here. My former wife was raised on a dairy farm. They used to dip raw milk right from the holding tank. Wha! Too thick for me. Pasteurizing is a good thing! We like our milk as cold as possible. In the Cairo place we stayed there was "milk" in the fridge. That was interesting. Exparation date right up there with spam. The milk you stocked in the OL flat was good. There's just something about a tall cold glass of milk.