The Devil makes work for idle hands!!!!!!

Not that I'm calling Freda The Devil, or even 'a devil', but she certainly hates to see me idle!

The 'shady' part of the roof had to come down, which I did last week, you saw the pictures! Then I pulled out all the nails, that took quite some time, and I've got them in a porridge tin ready to take down to Mohamed the scrap man. I ended up with over a thousand feet of the three quarter by three quarter laths. Here they are making a right mess of the roof terrace: now you see it:

And, now you don't!

I've magicked it away!

I must admit that I've had one or two days rest after that, but...........
you'll remember the A/C carry-on the other month? Well, in that case, you might also remember that among the wheeling and dealing with the lovely Christine from Tuttie Frutti; we ended up with a spare 'hole-in-the-wall' A/C unit, of the one and a half horse variety.

It's not spare any longer, Freda has me (ME?) putting it in our upstairs livingroom. First job was to shift everything, cushions etc. anyway, from our livingroom to downstairs, out of the way. The furniture which would be in the way, moved outside onto the roof terrace. Then out comes the gear!

I suppose the worst that can happen is that I destroy the wall next to the door/window frame and it will have to be rebuilt, NOT by me, I hasten to add! When Mustafa the A/C man did the one in the bedroom, he and his henchmen (a collection of "Igors" if ever I saw one) just chiselled through the wall, knocking great big lumps of plaster (it's actually cement, and as hard as bell-metal!) off the opposite side when they broke through. I wanted to avoid that, so I had the idea of chain-drilling the wall along the pencil lines. Good, eh?

Here are the pictures, altgough the outside (where I was working from) is just about level, the inside is running off a bit. I'll sort it, I'm sure. Hahaha!

One line was enough for one night though, my JCB (Chinese) hammer drill with a 13mm Hilti drill bit shoved into an ordinary chuck, doesn't half give you some shakes. I've had a shower and tea, and I'm still trembling!

I'm not certain yet if she'll give me a day off tomorrow, we'll see.
Bye for now/

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