Who remembers Andy Stewart?

"I've just come doon frae the Isle of Skye" and all that jazz!

We'll come back to that in a minute. Last night, for a change, we had a mosey down to the Sonesta St George. It feels like going up-market from the Nile Palace, but I think that that's just 'cause we're not really used to it. Although it is also a lovely hotel, I think that the Nile Palace might just have the edge over it.

For our purposes (i.e. Tourist watching) the Nile Palace offers more scope, and possibly a bigger variety. But not last night!

For the first time ever in Luxor, for us at least, we came upon a real Scotchie, wearing a kilt! Here's the proof: 

Maybe I shouldn't actually name the gentleman, but I will say that he's called George, and while he's not from the "Isle of Skye" I can confirm that he is "no vary big and he's awfy shy"! We had a word or two with him and his son, and they are definitely enjoying their holiday in Luxor. Although he only had time for the photo and a few words, I didn't get any sense that he and his family had come across anything untoward in the town. So, that seems to be another visitor who thinks he's safe here in the "Badlands"! Maybe you should come here yourself, to check it out properly?

I cannot leave the matter of the Nile Palace and our spotting activities, without telling you who we saw there the other night, I didn't feel able to take a snap, but I'm sure it was Rod the Mod's Mam! She had exactly the same hairstyle as Mr Stewart (Rod that is, not Andy lol) had in the 70's, it was amazing! On the same evening, we saw a Desperate Dan lookalike too. He was only young, maybe 25/30, but all he needed was the cowboy hat and gun to complete the effect!

I'd better get back to pulling nails out, no not finger nails (although at times I feel like doing that to some of the people I have to deal with here) nails in wood, off the roof!

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