I'm OK without a coat, thank you.

Well, here we are back in Old Blighty, temporarily, of course.

So far, we've been busy seeing family, shopping and cleaning. (The last bit sounds a little familiar, don't you think?) Yesterday, I took the time to attend the evening service at our local Methodist Chapel, really enjoyed it, the preacher was a local man who made a lot of sense and his choice of hymns was OK, especially the last one, which was a bit of a 'ranter'!
I then took myself off to the folk club at South Shields Rugby Club with Dear Sister and BIL. The club had an invited guest, one Anna Shannon. She was excellent; 'BBC Songwriter of the Year' 2006. Very talented as an instrumentalist, and a characterful voice singing a variety of her own songs, which were really in the traditional idiom. It was a much better night than I had expected from someone who sings their own songs. Highly recommended!
Have a quick listen at:


Of course, she's much better live!

Number One Son has just landed with two smallish people who might be grandchildren, so I'd better go and be grandfatherly towards them. see you later.

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