007 and the Man with the Golden Gun! (Not quite)

Well Dear Reader, I've seen this bloke knocking around for years.
You know the type: doesn't ever speak to anyone, is always by himself, seems 'disconnected'! Around Gateshead, there is still a bloke on a bike whom I've noticed for twenty years at least. He wears a 'Northern' 'Bus Drivers hat and has a truck rear view mirror fastened to his handlebars. I used to see him all over, sometimes miles and miles away!

But back to this strange one in Luxor. He carries around a gun! Something like a big shotgun! Here he is, snapped at the end of our little cul-de-sac. Freda was returning from Mohamed Saba's other shop, when she came across him on the road outside. Luckily, I'd stopped with the other shopping and was chatting to the boys in Adam's coffee shop when she came back, all excited, and told me where he was. By the time I'd got the camera out of my pocket, I only had one shot to get him, it was like being a hitman!!!! Here he is:

He isn't a vigilante or anything, the gun is made of painted wood!

Strange or what?


  1. Intersting photo. I see the man's headware is also unusual. Could he be part of some entertainment group - folklore troupe - type of thing? Just a thought!

  2. If only! I'm sorry to say that he is definitely not part of anything like that. It would appear that he just likes to play at being a 'Galabiya Policeman' or something of that nature. The headwear, is just a daft hat stuck on top of a scarf, nothing unusual about that around here.
    Thanks for the comment anyway.