The 'Mysterious Men of Zawaggy', at night.

So, I went to Zawaggy on the bike to see my new friend Mena. Mena is a Christian boy (well, young man, I suppose) who works in his father's timber business. They have lots and lots of lovely bits of wood. Some of it (Zann?) is so dense you can hardly pick it up, it comes from Romania, and is a dark colour. As usual, I had little option but to go for the cheapo rubbish from either Russia of Finland, it's white, soft and rather lightweight. (Remind you of anyone, Dear Reader?)

Also, as usual, Zawaggy being part of Luxor and being in Egypt; the evening was almost a complete farce! I'd been to see Mena the night before, told him what I wanted, all the wood dressed, what lengths I wanted, everything! When I arrived, I was introduced to another young chap, Marcus, who would be overseeing the dressing of the timber etc. Off we went, on a donkey cart, armed with a bunch of keys and a battery lamp. "This doesn't bode well" I thought.

The light was because the particular warehouse where the first pieces of timber were stored had no electricity, (neither did the other places either) that's Marcus in the background, as we tramped around collecting the different bits of timber..

 Two or three roller shutter doors ground up and down before we had all the bits and pieces we needed. Then off we went again to the machine shop, which was just across the ring road, farther to the east of the town. What a fab place! I know one or two blokes who would be in their element here.  Belts and chains driving antiquated machinery, and chippings and sawdust lying knee deep on the floor, all over.  Girges (George) knows the character and foibles of each machine!

It was yon time when I finally got home to Our Luxor. The carter was very good, and carried more than his share of the timber up the stairs for me, I was dead beat!

I think these two bits have been dried out a bit too quickly, but we couldn't see any that were any better!

Never mind, a bit of filler here and there and no-one will be any the wiser. (Except you and me, that is!) My air-conditioned workshop is a bit tidier than theirs, don't you think?

These are the main supports for the new shaded area on the terrace. Freda made me take them outside into the heat before I rubbed the filler down, she just doesn't care, that woman! Anyway, they're ready to go up now. I've spent this evening varnishing the plywood sheets to make them waterproof for when it next rains cats and dogs.  (I know! It mightn't be for another four of five years, but better be prepared, eh?

Current problem is that my hands are aching! I'm no longer used to this WORK lark. I was getting spelks in my fingers etc, which are all now sore to touch, before I remembered that my old mate Andy Kennedy had given me some lovely work gloves. Not the usual rubbish made out of cheap cuts of thick suede-like leather and hard fabric! No sir, these are proper tan leather gloves,  lined to be comfortable and actually usable! They're drying out something terrible though, I wonder if I can rub some olive oil or something into them before they're spoilt altogether? 

I'll report back when I get a chance, you know how busy I can be, what with building and fitting air-conditioning, along with my more normal duties of washing dishes and vacuuming floors etc etc!

See you soon, insh'Allah.

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