So you're back?

Yes Playmates, we certainly are! (The title was the opening line of an email from our good friend Phil900 of TripAdvisor fame.)

I've had a touch of writer's block (says he pretentiously) since we got back to Luxor. There wasn't a great deal to report on whilst we were in England, but I have a few pictures and stuff to share, when I get around to it.

In the meanwhile: I've had a touch of the galloping "Egyptian Frustrations" to deal with!!!!

Firstly, the tap which feeds the toilet cistern was leaking. I thought that it would fix itself, as it would just be dried out with having the water switched off for two weeks. Why do I always convince myself that things aren't as bad as I really know that they will turn out to be? Out with the gear, off with the tap, as I couldn't get the top off in situ. Down to the shop, where the man tells me that they aren't made to fix, but to throw away. There's a surprise now! Here was another for 9le. Of course that wasn't the end of the tale, was it?

The stem on the tap was too short as the fitting was sunken into the wall by just a bit too much. Back to the shop for a longer one. "10 pounds please?" So I gave him the extra pound, "No, another 10 pounds." "NINETEEN POUNDS?" says I. I had to have it, so coughed up. When I got home, I wound the tap threads with Teflon tape and screwed it back in, and put the pipe on: Magic! It wasn't until the next morning that we noticed the floor wet again!!!! This time it's only the outlet pipe from the toilet, dripping a bit. I've fixed that with a small dish on the floor, I'm turning Egyptian!

Continuing in a water related way, you will of course remember this..................

Perhaps you also remember the extremes of 'carry-on' which almost brought me to distraction? Well. we came back to Luxor for it to start all over again.

Before we left, I knew that the water wasn't working properly, and expected that when we returned I would be in possession of a 12 volt compressor to use via my 230v to 12v transformer in order to 'blow up' the 'balloon' without dismantling the whole kit and caboodle. Dear old Uncle Roy found such a compressor in his garage, and as he had a newer one, he kindly let me take the old one away. However, when I went to try the Schrader valve in the top of the tank, there was water coming out of it. Bad sign!! The 'balloon' must have burst.

Now then, I know what to do to change the balloon, you probably do as well after the explanation in the other posting. So off I went to my local plumber's merchant to price a new balloon; 30 pounds, or the whole tank new for 120 pounds. (Egyptian, that is.) "How long should the balloon last" I asked, as we've had three in four years. The man told me that they should last about two years, but here in Luxor; only about six months as the water is so bad! As you know, the old tank was brazed up the last time, and now it's had more oxygenated water in it, causing yet more corrosion. What to do, what to do? I plumped for the complete gizmo! No more wasting time with old worn out gear!

They had to send one of the staff away on his motor bike to their warehouse, as there were none of the 'quality' Italian ones left in the shop. He was only away about 20  minutes or so, and came back with two boxes. Mushkellar (problem) number one, the new tank is a different shape, and I'm not entirely sure that it will fit against the wall, where there is a bit which sticks out about six inches or so! Never mind, it was paid for and I'd try it, it could always come back. Just then, the Boss of the shop shoves this other piece of equipment in my face.

"What's this?" I enquired. " Ahhhh, Meester Adwa, no more balloon, mish mushkellar, water cut; machine stop. Very good, Meester Adwa." That's all very well, but what was the price? Only 220 Egyptian pounds. After coming home and consulting the 'Oracle' (Freda, actually) who counted up our money, we decided to do without the usual caviar this evening, and lash out on the real 'I am' switching system! With the obvious need for pipe shortening etc. it was clearly a job for a skilled man. But we got an Egyptian plumber to do it instead! Hahaha!

The new equipment is much prettier, don't you think?

So, now we have a shower which will happily peel your skin off, but various leaks all over the place due to the increased pressure!

I think I'll just go and slit my wrists under the warm massaging stream from the shower head.


  1. I have missed your musings dear Edward. You have made me smile this evening. Karen.