What a Gray Day!

Yes, shades of Mr Larry Grayson! We were in Tuttie Frutti with Phil and Mrs 900, and it started to blow a gale outside. "Shut that door!" went up the cry! The 900's were having their last meal before leaving for the airport and their easyJet flight home.

When we left, we struggled along to Madina Street and the Omar Market, then down to the 'little baker' for croissants etc., before making our way along to Khair Zaman (or Kaiser Man, as some people know it, lol). After working our way around there and filling our basket with the 'must haves' of daily living, we were standing at the check-out when I realised that the dust in the atmosphere outside was getting a lot worse. I could hardly see across TV St!

We eventually got home and I took this one from the roof terrace, just to give you an idea of what it was like:

We had a quick bite to eat, before jumping under the shower to get rid of the dust that we'd collected about our persons! I managed to squeeze in a 20 minute nap before getting dressed to mosey on down to the Etap, to have another few cups of tea, with Suzychuck and her hubby, while watching the new batch of arrivals arrive. As we emerged from the Savoy Bazaar, we both noticed immediately that the West Bank had disappeared, entirely! I took another snap, this one has a recognisable landmark:

If you've been to Luxor, I'm sure you will recognise it! A good chin-wag ensued over much tea and four beautiful (thick) pieces of free English cake. (The Etap has only recently reinstated this, after doing away with the discount on the drinks.)

Then we got an SMS from Phil900; they were stuck in the airport and their flight was being delayed by 2 hours. Suzychuck spoke to Ali (Etap Guest Relations guy) who told her that all the incoming flights had been re-routed to Hurghada, because of the weather problems. Poor beggars! We had a few more messages from Phil, the last one telling us that he thought that the easyJet flight had now arrived at Luxor, and he was still hoping to get away tonight. Let's hope so.

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