Coconut; it brings a tear to the eye!

When asked what she would like her new brother to be called when he finally gets here in August (Insh'Allah), my beautiful six year old granddaughter said "Coconut!"

After giving her choice due consideration, I do think that it's a perfectly adequate name for the young chap, in fact, that's what I  intend to call him!

I can just imagine myself dandling young Coconut on my knee, "Dance te yer daddy, my little laddie....."

In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see what his parents come up with. I don't suppose that they'll really consider Coconut, but it would be better than some of the handles which the "celebrities" give to their poor children!

It's probably an omen of some sort, that our favourite chocolate manufacturer has come up with this new char of bocolate, I wonder if it's exclusive to Egypt? We decided to sample one last night, and the verdict was that it was most acceptable!

Come on Alice girl, bring on the "Coconut"!

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  1. Charlotte hardingham9 April 2012 at 13:53

    U need to keep that chocolate well clear of your oldest grandson cashew one sniff of that and he will be boby poppin xxx