Walking a mile in another man's shoes!

Mr Rashad came this morning to clean the stairs (just from the doctor's, downover). As you'll remember, he's supposed to come every day and sweep them down and clear the rubbish from the alley. He's the best of a poor bunch, and comes, probably, about 5 days out of 7. Today, I wanted the stairs washed as well as swept. So when he rang the doorbell, I leaned over the roof terrace wall and indicated for him to clear the rubbish away first. This would give me a chance to get properly dressed and fill the mop bucket etc. Seeing as the doctors clinic was closed, I had the front (outside) door locked. When I eventually got downstairs and opened the front door, my eyes met with a sad sight; Mt Rashad holding up his worn out ship-ships (sandals). They reminded me of Mr Laurel in the film "Way Our West", when he put a piece of tough steak in his boot to cover the hole! 

Rashad does this to me whenever he wants something, he manages a forlorn expression which would have gotten him a starring role in many a silent film! Usually, it's some sort of tablets or medicine he's after, and he holds his side and contorts his face. In short; he knows that I'm a "soft touch"! 

Business being as it has been, we're a bit short on money ourselves, so I showed him my empty pockets, which seemed to do the trick. He always washes the stairs in his bare feet, the bleach probably being good for his skin! I took the opportunity to snap his ship-ships while he was up the stairs, you can see the holes.

I told Freda about his plight, when I went up fetch his bait bag (yes, we also have to feed him!) and she suggested giving him a pair of my sandals. I have to admit that it took a minute to sink in, but really, why do I need two pairs when my friend doesn't have any? I'm pleased to report that he was delighted with his new acquisitions! If I ever find out that he's sold them, I'll punch him on the nose!

Really though, you would think all his birthdays had come at once! We both know what he felt like, as we have been in a similar position three times this week! Both on Monday and Wednesday English friends have arrived and brought us parcels of goodies from various family members, along with lovely little unexpected gifts from themselves. People are so kind. Then, today, Freda's "German Boys" landed with more unexpected presents, including a tin of "Walkers Shortbread" and two solar lights for the roof terrace!  

In between giving Rashad a hand by getting the dirtier bits of the floor or stairs properly clean (he's Egyptian, so finds it impossible to get any weight behind the mop) I was hanging around the end of the alley, outside of young Michael's watch and clock shop. Obviously, being called Michael, he's one of the local Christians, a nice lad, all the same. I was therefore a bit surprised to see this "must have" clock displayed in his window:

It's a pity that the Muslims don't use one of these instead of deafening all and sundry every morning! I was wondering who, at home, might like one for Christmas, as Michael always gives me a little discount!

Then I heard a hawkers trumpet blowing, it was the candyfloss man! I don't know how much it is, but it cannot be all that expensive; our Charlotte once gave him 5LE for some for our grandchildren, knowing that it would be far too much, but it's only 50 pence or thereabouts! The bloke proceeded to force the stuff onto everyone in sight, with no further payment being asked for!

I do love being here!


  1. Hi this Jack Batey, have been looking at your blog! hope you are both well!!

  2. Hi, I dont seem to have your email address any more, so send us a message to ourluxor@yahoo.co.uk.
    Freda and Edward