How else?

Yes indeed, how else am I supposed to get ordinary, sane people to keep reading the rubbish I write?

I'm sorry if you feel a bit cheated, or let down, after reading the last post about the "artefacts", but here they are, in pictures with brief explanations about them and where they came from.

Honest Guv, they're all kosher; no actual "antikahs" here!

I noticed an advert, on the Luxor4U "Living in Luxor" forum, for a household sale. Being a complete sucker for other people's rubbish, and the generous sort of guy that you all know me to be; I thought that the mentioned "clothes airer" would be an ideal present for  Freda (she spends so much time washing and pegging out etc.). But, of course, having no money except that which she gives me; I had no way of obtaining such a luxury gift myself. I eventually persuaded her to venture over to the "Side of the Dead", after arranging with WitcHazel to meet us and guide us to the place where the stuff was.

The house was situated at Gabawi, a village on the edge of the desert, with a good number of foreigners living in flash villas, with gardens and cars. The house was very nice, if you like that sort of place, and the view from the open seating area was fabulous; straight over the tiered gardens and across the open desert towards the Valley of the Kings, and looking the pyramidal shape of the "Meretseger" mountain straight in the face! The lady who was selling the "artefacts", was also known as Meretseger, I suppose because of her love of the view.

Anyway, the things which she had for sale were mostly piled around the large outdoor seated area, where she graciously offered us drinks and biscuits. My fingers were itching to get started with the rummaging!

Freda was nosing around the various plants, "Oh, I like the look of this succulent, what a lovely colour" as she fingered this vile looking cactus type of thing! She eventually plumped for an Hibiscus plant which looks like a small tree! That's it, in the first picture.

The one below is of two incense burners we both got our eye on at the same time, they're for the cone shaped incense, but very picturesque, don't you think?

Here they are again, but this time displayed alongside a nice little basket with fancy work and pretend coins around the top.

Meretseger had quite a lot of gold coloured fabric things, I wouldn't pretend to know what they are actually called, but they are very pretty, and what we couldn't find use for, Freda is confident that her sewing machine could turn them into something we could use. The bedspread is very heavy, and looks quite opulent!

I noticed the mirror in the following picture as soon as I stepped outside onto the terrace, it would take some missing; I'm sure you'll agree. The biggest problem it presents is whereabouts to hang the blessed thing!

Next comes the much coveted clothes airer. Since we've got it; it's never been idle! It's standing in front of the long mirror which also came from Meretseger, something which Freda has been wanting ever since we came here..

Oops! Here are the incense burners again, along with the basket! This time they're showing off some of the smaller pieces of the "cloth of gold" which was among the bundle of fabrics.

Last, but certainly not least, comes the darbukka! Remember the advert for the Post Office in England? ("I saw this; and thought of you!") Well, I saw this and immediately thought of a former guest (Mr Souhail Kaspar) who is right into this instrument. Although it's only a tourist type of thing, I'm sure he could have a bang at it if he gets withdrawal symptoms, the next time he visits.

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  1. Looks like you managed to pick up some lovely items :-)