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Hello again! No; I haven't died of old age, even though I am now 61. But I have been quite busy (more of which later) and since then I have just had no inspiration. It's just as well that I save the more interesting 'Search Keywords', isn't it? Actually, now that I come to think about it, the Keywords are probably more interesting than some of my more usual offerings!

Anyway, here are a selection of the silliest and strangest among them, from over the past couple of months:

bum bags egypt 29/04/2012
modern cancer clinic design 27/04/2012
mr criminal sunglasses 22/04/2012
baladi rabbit 21/04/2012
arabic palace wallpaper 19/04/2012
tin shining hole on wall 19/04/2012
An old man who doesn have bread to give it ti his children 09/04/2012
bedford centre sweets from heaven 06/04/2012
what movies were filmed at the winter palace in luxor eq 05/04/2012
dialysis luxor 05/04/2012
photos swiss roll and custard 05/04/2012
a strong boat made out of foil 31/03/2012
do exes ever comeback after the grass is greener on the otherside 30/03/2012
reports on the killing in our luxor park apt 29/03/2012
jcb dumpster taks 16/03/2012
disused washing machine 13/03/2012
pipes and valves in asda toilets 13/03/2012
american footpath with muhammad 11/03/2012
ideas for the typically wasted space beneath staircases 10/03/2012
Flip flop tree 10/03/2012
The deaf boys for boys group 10/03/2012
camel hoof disease 06/03/2012

They come in several different categories, don't you think? 

To my mind, the strangest one just has to be the 'modern cancer clinic design' of the 27th of April. The most pertinent could be 'ideas for the typically wasted space beneath staircases' of March the 10th, given the work I did on the 'Our Luxor' staircase. Perhaps the saddest would be 'An old man who doesn have bread to give it ti his children', from the 9th of this month, and the most poignant must be 'do exes ever comeback after the grass is greener on the otherside'. What must that poor person be going through?

Then, lastly, there is the most sinister, undoubtedly 'reports on the killing in our luxor park apt', mind you, I hasten to add that it's not referring to the 'Our Luxor' holiday apartment, nor any apartment in the Luxor in Egypt, not even over on the Side of the Dead!!!!! 

A few of the others are quite 'quirky', and can leave us with peculiar impressions of the people who typed them into their search boxes. (I'll bet they never, in  million years, thought that they would end up being directed to my daft Egyptian Blog, and even less that some silly old fool two and a half thousand miles from home, would be collecting them for posterity, lol.) 

Now then, about me being a busy-bee! I think I've mentioned before about my kid brother (he's 50 on the 30th, tomorrow, by the way) being a bit of a genealogist? Well, he's got a bee in his bonnet (Colloquialism: A bee in the bonnet (hat) is like saying that he is rather concerned) about future generations of our family actually knowing what sort of people we were, and what formed our characters and our opinions etc.

To this end, he is making a book which records the memories of those of us who are alive 'now', not necessarily just things like "I remember John F Kennedy being shot!" Maybe more like " I remember George Brown being drunk on the telly, when he was supposedly expressing our nation's sorrow at the news of the murder of the President of the United States of America!" Although it seems like it's only going to be our generation, we'd love to have our mam reveal some of her secrets, from her childhood and youth, which she will otherwise just take with her when she finally goes! I would love to have known more about the little intimate details of my grandparents thoughts and lives, or of any of my forebears, actually.   

So, that's what I've been up to, mostly. I've actually stopped now 'cause I'm up to over 11,000 words and 27 pages. He's done his, as has our Susan, and now I think it's a matter of matching old 'photos to some of the tales, (a daunting task, I'm sure!) before checking (at least my) dodgy grammar and punctuation etc. before getting the setting and printing done. 

I believe that he's going to do it all himself, even the binding! He always was a bit of a clever-b****r, that lad! I don't know if the book has a title yet, even a working one; I wonder what it will be?  

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