Trip Advisor "Get Together".

You know how anti-social we usually are? Well, last night we were only half as anti-social as that!

Luxor Destination Expert "Phil900", had invited us to a small TA gathering at the lovely Salahadeen Restaurant, along with "Suzychuck" and "Annabell054", who are also pretty regular posters on the Luxor forum. Before very long; he'd also invited "ras2", the owner of most of the other restaurants in Luxor! By the time last night came around, he had also contacted "sbboss", yet another visiting regular poster, and she would come along with her daughter.

Although it's obviously embarrassing to turn up somewhere as only one half of an invited couple, I wasn't going to let that spoil my enjoyment. So I tripped down to the Etap to meet up with the others for the minibus (also kindly arranged by Phil) which would whisk us away to Zawaggy and the Salahadeen! ras2 hadn't shown up at the Etap, and there was some doubt as to whether he was actually going to be able to come, after all.

The "Mad Lady of Mara House" is currently in Ireland, visiting family and taking a well-earned rest, so we knew our host for the evening would be the ever-capable Amr. He's a really nice kid (well, he's probably about 30+, but being an old codger; I can refer to him as a "kid" if I choose to, right?) and manages the restaurant, and the hotel, with great aplomb. On arrival he ushered us into the bar, where we were to have our pre-dinner drinks. Here we all are:   

L to R are: Phil900, Yours Truly, Mr Annabell054, Mr Suzychuck, Suzychuck, sbboss Jnr, sbboss, Annabell054 and Mrs 900.

The only person missing from the picture is ras2, who did, eventually, arrive before we went in to dine. He looked every inch the successful ex-pat restaurateur; in his white suit. Very smart! 

After a short while engaged in convivial conversation, Amr called us into the diningroom, where he had four of the hexagonal tables set out in a row, just for us. The other diners, on two separate tables, were at the other side of the room. We were a quite large group for a smallish place, but I do hope that we didn't disturb the otherwise intimate ambience for the two smaller groups, well, not too much, anyway.

Part of my reluctance to "join in" is due to my slowly failing hearing, it's a bit of a b****r to be honest! I can be listening to someone's conversation when, all of a sudden, there'll be another noise from somewhere which just confuses everything, and while everyone else is having a chuckle; I'm left wondering what it's all about. Most embarrassing, I can tell you!

As you would expect, the meal was as lovely as always, two soups to start with, piping hot. I hadn't had the tomato before, but found it to be very good! Like the accompanying onion soup, it was very slightly spiced and I thoroughly enjoyed both. Both the tureens on our table went back completely empty, so obviously I wasn't the only one licking my lips! I shared a table with Mr and Mrs Suzychuck, mind; he cannot half shift some grub for a little bloke, it must be the coach driver in him, lol. Here they are:

Freda and I have known Mr and Mrs Suzychck for quite a few years now, they are loyal guests at the El Luxor Hotel, and a lovely couple into the bargain. (I've got to say that, because they bring us "goodies"!)

The meal went off without any upsets or complaints about drunkenness (lol) and we waited for our puddings. Next thing I knew; here was Amr with a great big chocolate gateau! 

I'd forgotten that it was Phil900's birthday next week (and also mine!). It was a nice touch to end the evening's dining.

On the return journey, I got dropped off at the end of the souk, on Youseff Hassan Street, with my two large slices of gateau in a Mara House breakfast box and yet another bag of goodies from Suzychuck, to make my way to the baker's to get some aish fino, and a couple of croissants for the German boys' breakfast. By the time I had juggled them all home, I was just about done in, and ready for bed! 

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  1. Wow we are on here!!Lovely photos of a great party enjoyed by all thank you all very much who got it organized well done. From Sandra @Mick.