Where are the "Ab Fab" or "Python" fans?

Never mind that, for the minute!

It's funny how your tastes change as you meander through life? Have you ever thought about it? For instance: Freda had me drooling over pictures of a "20 Compartment Twinings Tea Chest", with drawers, this afternoon. I never thought that I'd come to that! As you know; we don't have a TV, so we make our own entertainment. More often than not, it takes the shape of tourist viewing at one of our "chosen" hotels. Tonight was the turn of the Steigenburger Nile Palace (or Meridien, as many locals still call it).

After much consideration, I think that this hotel must be the ultimate venue for tourist watching in Luxor. Yes, it's certainly five star!

As I've told you before, Dear Reader, we've seen real Geishas, Mr Dick (from the pen of Charles Dickens), Buzz Lightyear, Omar Sharif and Indiana Hawass, plus a host of other quite notable visitors. The other week, we saw a real "skinhead" he was about 50, but with the turned up jeans (complete with clip-on braces (suspenders for you Yanks) over steel toed Doc Martens, white T shirt, almost shaved head, about six feet tall and as skinny as a rake! He was striding across the floor as if he were wearing "7 League Boots". He could have been a walking cartoon figure, really!

Tonight, we saw a charming couple made up of Charlie Chaplin and Joanna Lumley (when she was made up as an ancient "Patsy" once on Ab Fab) While the lady's face wasn't Patsy (actually she looked very sweet), the rest of her could have been the body double used in the show especially with her shuffling walk! Her "Beau" (cannot say husband, as I know so many wrinklies who live "in sin" nowadays) had all the mannerisms that I would have expected Charlie Chaplin to have in real life as opposed to on film.
As we sat, waiting for our next victims, while drinking our tea and Nescafe, I took a few snaps so that if you ever stay there you will know where I can see you. we always sit in the same seats, unless some interloper gets there before us, that is. From my seat I can see all the way through to the main entrance, it's a great position. Then turning my head I can see right out to the rear terrace, overlooking the pool and the Nile. See..........

This is a lovely hotel, with some lovely staff. Here is a pic of one of the very best waiters in Luxor, Mr Ayman. I just love to have him serve us. (I don't really know, he might hate us. But he is a perfect gentleman, who serves without being servile or over friendly or pushy. I love him.)

The problem with all the hotels at the moment is that there aren't enough tourists in them to watch! You could fix that, if you really cared about us! Get yourselves over to Luxor, before it gets too hot.

As you also know; I love drinking tea! Dilmah, it's heavenly. That's another reason why the Nile Palace gets top marks from us; they also use Dilmah tea, and their pot of water is always VERY hot. Tonight, I have over indulged with it and am fit to burst. I feel like Mr Creosote, and I'm just looking for a cleaning lady with her bucket!
You can see him (and the cleaning lady) on this link. (But not while you are eating, please.)



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