Count Your Blessings!


We've just had our supper while watching an episode of 'Jeeves and Wooster', starring Fry and Laurie. It's getting quite hot hereabouts, the weather people reckon that it would be 41c today. But, as you know,we have our own thermometer which is usually kept in the shaded area of our roof terrace, and here it is, pictured when we got back this afternoon.

As you can see, it reads 46.3c!

No prob. one would imagine, just get in among the A/C, why don't you? We don't actually have A/C in our living room, so we tend to use the bedroom for more than just sleeping! In fact, we only really use our little living room when we have visitors. It gets quite warm in there as well.

We have a rather nice cabinet where we store our guest breakfast requisites (crockery, cereal and the like) and it has a good solid granite top. Freda likes it for when she is rolling out pastry for her fabulous mince pies, stone tending towards being cool, and therefore good for rolling pastry upon.
Well, this cabinet stands off the wall a little and is at the back of the room where the sun never shines. This evening, I happened to lean on it to reach down to the floor (to pick up something I'd dropped) and was surprised to feel that it was actually hot to the touch! So hot, that I decided to 'take it's temperature'. Here is the result:

Yes, that's right 40 degrees Centigrade! And, that was at about 8.30pm. As I said, it doesn't touch anything around it; so the heat can only have been transmitted from the air, now that's HOT!

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed Wooster and chums whilst slurping our supper:

You should have guessed, it's Swiss Roll with lashings of steaming Birds Custard. Lovely and just the ticket (as Bertie Wooster might say)!


  1. A few days ago, here in the northeast part of Wisconsin, we almost hit 100°F (37C). That might be nothing for Luxor, but yesterday it was less than 50°F (10C). I kid you not.

  2. As the Pythons' 4 Yorkshiremen would say "You were lucky!" It's almost 1am here, and it's just dropped below 100f!

  3. Other end of the weather scale. It has not stopped raining here all day. (Torrential rain I might add) Know where I would prefer to be. In sunny Luxor. Its no fun doing traffic duties in the rain.