Yes, Mother!

I'm sure that there must be other men out there who occasionally have the same trouble. Although I love my wife of nearly 40 years dearly, there are times when I feel as though I have two Mothers!

Tonight, we decided to have a slope down to the Etap for tea and Nescafe, it was rather early for us, but we thought that we might see something a bit different. You never know, do you? It being still rather hot, we jumped on an Arabiya outside the door and got off just before the Savoy Bazaar, where we walked through onto the Corniche. As we passed the complaining shopkeepers, ("Where are the tourists Mr Adward?") I noticed a couple ahead of us who were walking quite quickly. Then I noticed a small boy (Egyptian) keeping pace with them, and it became obvious that they were trying to get rid of their shadow! I'm quite adept at noticing things, so I then also noticed that the lady was wearing rather elaborate headgear. It looked like a bee-keepers hat!

At this point, it occurred to me that the couple must be Japanese (or from some other Oriental country) as the Oriental females often wear the most outrageous things on their heads. (I suppose that they don't see them as being outrageous, or they wouldn't wear them?) The fact that the bloke was wearing shorts and was not too tall, also strengthened this opinion. Nevertheless, when we got to the Corniche end of the Bazaar, there they were, actually talking to the little boy who seemingly wanted them to adopt him. They weren't Oriental at all, so much for me trying to stereotype people, I should know better.

Anyway, being this close up, I could see that the bee-keeper's hat was just about a spot-on description! It was wide brimmed with the ladies face shrouded in a fine gauze netting, which swirled all around her hat and her head altogether, and finished up wrapped around her neck. Quiet strange, I thought. Strange enough to warrant a photograph!

As I took out the camera and raised it to get a good look at the picture on the screen, the lady bent down, from the waist, as if she were giving the little lad a kiss. She was also wearing a mini-skirt, and when she bent forward; she exposed nearly all of her knickers, much to the amusement of the soldiers outside of the Council Offices.

This was when my second Mother piped up, "Put that away, you can't put the ladies knickers on the Blog!" Spoil sport!

So, we ambled along to the Etap and had a rather uneventful pot of tea and Nescafe. We actually sat there for an unusually long time, as there was a lovely breeze coming off the river which had a gentle cooling effect. Long enough to have an apple shisha, while Freda had some 'extra lemon, extra sparkle' Sprite. They often have this on the can or bottle, and I sometimes wonder how much lemon and how much sparkle they can actually squeeze into the drink before it becomes just fizzy lemons?

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