C'est la vie!

Well, that's the last of our guests away this morning. 07.15 flight from Luxor to Cairo, and then onto their home in Holland. They were a mother, father and daughter and very pleasant, no trouble at all. They seemed to enjoy their stay, and Luxor in general, it was the father's 7th visit.

Our next booked guest isn't until September some time, it's Derrick the plumber, from London. He's currently on another adventure in some wilder parts of Africa and is writing a blog about his travels. It's here:


But you'll probably have to copy and paste it into your browser. I expect that he'll find poor old Luxor a bit tame after those exploits!

So, now all we have to do is fill in our time for the next five weeks or so until we go home to Windy Nook to see our family. (Unless one of you lot fancy a visit in the meantime?) It seems an age since we were last with them in December last year.

Little Izzy won't be quite so little any more, and so much will have happened which they will all want to tell us about, but couldn't bring to mind while they were emailing, we can't wait! When you're kept busy, it's not so difficult, but it's very easy to become quite emotional when you haven't got enough to keep your mind occupied!

Our favourite son is off to Glastonbury, and he's taking his nine year old daughter AND his nine year old nephew! Now that's courage of the first order, in my book! He's got a new job to start at the end of the month, so I hope he really enjoys his adventure with the children before he has to get stuck in again, I'm sure he will.

Meanwhile, we have some new friends to meet on Thursday. They somehow found this blog and say that they enjoy my ramblings. (As we say in our family, "There's nowt so queer as folk!") They are obviously a kindly couple, as they emailed us asking if they could bring anything over for us, out of the blue! Isn't that nice? Especially as I'm beginning to tire of the poor quality ginger snaps which we can get here, I'd even thought of getting some McVitie's from Arkwright's, but when I saw the price, I had second thoughts! It amazes me why certain manufacturers have to fiddle about with recipes etc. when they are generally accepted as having the best product available? I believe that this was the case as far as McVitie's gingers went, I used to love them, but now find that many of the cheaper brands knock spots off them for taste and "afterburn".

Isn't this fascinating, Dear Reader? The stuff of which history is made? Here's some more slop just to keep you interested.

Every night, I like to go to bed with a smile on my face! So; I changed the background picture on the laptop (is it the "Wallpaper"?) to this picture of my collected girls, which I look at as I close the laptop down as my last action before I jump into bed. I can't help but smile when I see them all altogether.

Left to right, they are Kezia (who's going to Glastonbury), little Izzy (who's five)and Charlotte and Alice, my beautiful daughters.

Who's a lucky Edward?

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