Anchors Aweigh!

When I came across the above scene, I thought it was very spectacular and it reminded me of something I'd seen once before!

This is the new building next to the Emilio Hotel, where the Rameses Restaurant used to be. Rumour (well, this is Luxor!) has it that it's going to be either a Metro store, or a warehouse for the Kheir Zaman store on TV Street. Time alone will tell.

As I took this next pic (the building looks like it's straining at the anchor chain, doesn't it?) I suddenly was yet another Monty Python sketch! I'm 99% positive. Can anyone put me right here?

You see? This is what living in Luxor does to you, beware!!!!


  1. Monty Python's
    The Crimson Permanent Assurance

  2. Well done Mike, I knew I wasn't imagining it!