Lucky Bags?

Who remembers these? In hindsight, they were (of course) just another way of boosting profits, as the contents might have retailed at 2d, but shoved into a labelled bag; they sold for 3d. Happy days, when the mention of a profit made us think only of Moses or some other character from Sunday School!

Anyway, seeing as there isn't a huge lot of news or scandal lurking about, I've only got the meagre contents of my "Lucky Bag" to share with you.

The other night, we went up to the Nile Palace to meet a couple of new friends whom I mentioned the other day. Well, on the way we both noticed a newly illuminated building down an unmade side road, on the Winter Palace side of Salah el Din Street, as we flew past on the 'bus. Here it is:

Of course, we only had a glimpse, in the dark. I saw the words "Black Horse" and the prancing horse logo, and thought "Ah, Lloyds Bank getting into Luxor as well now, and with their estate agency business?" But the following day we also saw this, so stopped and took the two pics.

I've got to say that it seems to be a very queer place for a supermarket? I cannot believe that the proprietor has done much in the way of market research. I mean, apart from the school which is farther along, I cannot imagine that there is much trade locally, and virtually no passing trade at all! Never mind, we do, of course, wish them well.

A bit of "Frustration.

Have you ever noticed that Egyptians don't seem to see you when you are walking in the street? (Unless they are the people whom you wished couldn't see you at all, lol.) How they walk right in front of you, and then seem genuinely surprised when you actually bump into them or (what I do purposely, on occasion) stand on their toes.
Well, we were idling down Madina Street intent on getting some decent bread rolls from the baker just down from Ahmed Hashem's big bathroom shop, when I saw this lovely old wagon lumbering towards us. It's a 6D Ford Thames Trader, from about 1962 or thereabouts. I remember them well, as I used to maintain and repair a small fleet of them for an explosives transporting company. I loved them at the time, with being forward control (i.e. the cab being on top of the engine and the steering wheel being in front [forward] of the axle) the seat was on the floor, with the pedals directly in front of you, like in a little sports car. The major difference (apart from the speed and size, of course) was that the steering wheel was very large and almost horizontal. Anyway, out came the camera, positioning myself as still as I could manage I clicked. Just then, these two young women hove into the viewfinder, as if on cue! It was too late to click again as the wagon had gone. The picture is, otherwise, of my usual quality (lens not wiped!).

I can hardly believe that they didn't notice this old, fat, white tourist positioning himself to take a picture.

Further Political Activity.

That same night, we noticed what looked like a small concert going on on the stage behind Luxor Temple, I could see an electric keyboard, and several white shirted men on the stage, in a line. A bit like the Four Tops of yesteryear!
Then yesterday, we were asked by a friend, who lives out of town a little way, what was going on behind the Temple, so we went to have a look after dining at the Jamboree, in the souk, with our two new friends from Tunbridge Wells. Couldn't get much info from the people hanging about, although we did get a few "Welcome to Egypt/Luxor" comments, proving that they weren't locals. I don't think it was the dreaded Muslim Brotherhood though, as there were a good number of women in evidence, both on and off the stage. I would guesstimate the gathering at around 250 altogether. But no sign of any animosity towards anyone or anything, the specially arranged seating, looked about half occupied, while a good few families were seated on the grass playing with their children while cocking half an ear towards the speakers. If anyone can read Arabic, and can make out the banner in the distinctly wobbly picture, then maybe you could enlighten the rest of us? Click on the picture to enlarge it, or click twice, to go to the full size.

That's me worn out now! I think I'd better have a little lie down.

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