Who remembers Dave "Big Head" King?

There's a queer'un for you! Does ANYONE remember Dave King? When I was just a little boy, and we got our first telly (about 1955, I would guess) I was transfixed by a serial called "Precious Bane" The titles ran over a film clip of coins being poured out of a purse, as I recall. I loved to take the coins out of my little purse and count them, everyone said that I would grow up to be a miser. Little did they realise that I would grow up to confound them all; by being skint!!!!!

Just a minute, this is getting off the plot! I remember Dave King as an hilarious comedian on the telly, probably during the late fifties/early sixties, when I was easy to please!

I suppose if I "Googled" him I could tell you exactly, but it isn't all that important, his Big Head attribute is what is important to tonight's tale. It's certainly one of the "Tales of the Unexpected"! (Haha!)

After a tea trip to the Nile Palace (not many tourists, so not a great deal of entertainment) we got home to find a new referring URL on the blog. It was the VERY famous luxortraveltips.com! Freda clicked on it, and there we were, among all the well known important people, like Mrs Akshar on the West Bank, and Indiana Hawass up there in Cairo, along with the British Embassy and the Supreme Council of Antiquities. I don't mind a bit of "virtually hobnobbing" with all these posh folk.

Well, as you can imagine, my neck is now aching with carrying around this Big Head, which our newfound importance has bestowed upon me. After all these years, I now know what Dave King must have felt like.

I just know that some of you will doubt my word, so here's a link to the very page.....


You'll probably have to copy and paste it.
We're at the bottom of the page, below the link to the Islamic calendar.

Are you happy for me? All we need now is for the site owner to mention that we also offer an exclusive accommodation for the discerning tourist, and we'll be "made up".

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