More Search Keywords!

Just another selection of search keywords which have led people to this blog:

escort girl cairo phone 00201 09/05/2011

Arabesque, actually أرابيسك

hugh laurie Wooster 08/05/2011

rat catchers in Luxor 05/05/2011

13 daze Luxor 04/05/2011

majesty's pleasure our love call 02/05/2011

joy Luxor 29/04/2011

flat in luxor sall 2011 28/04/2011

apartman buzy 28/04/2011

coffeeshop adam 28/04/2011

I was a bit taken aback by the first one, as it also had a picture of the birthday do of our good friend Marriane!
Anyway, I was amused by a few of them, and I hope some might tickle you.

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  1. The internet is a bizarre place isn't it? Well, I can assure you I got to your blog originally from TripAdvisor. :)