Freda the Ornithologist and Edward the "Humper"!

Well there you are then!

As you all know, I'm not much cop with the old Box Brownie. But, seeing as we don't usually let Freda handle cameras (it's a long story) it falls to me to be the resident camera man here at Our Luxor. Except when I'm not there, of course!

I wasn't available the other day when a hoopoe (a strange dickie bird) was banging at the door window, so, quick as a flash our stand-by camera crew sprung into action and snapped the little blighter on the roof terrace handrail.

It's a really good picture, don't you think? The very next day, we were at the Etap drinking tea and Nescafe, when another small bird showed up. It looked like a pigeon to me, but Freda said it was the wrong colour (she being the ornithologist, you know, and not being colour blind!) but I think it's just a bit dusty or something.

The Humper.

A couple of my neighbours and I have this sort of standing joke. They sit either in or just outside of Adam's little coffee shop in the evenings,

and when we come back from our (usually nightly) shopping expeditions, me laden with shopping bags which are trying to cut my fingers off, I make the donkey's braying sound. This indicates to all the escapees gathered there that this is sometimes all that we feel we are to our womenfolk; beasts of burden, humpers of shopping or furniture or whatever else they require of us.
Tonight it was moving furniture night! With the new A/C unit not blowing directly onto the bed, Freda is becoming overheated when she sits in bed reading (poor lamb!). So now I have moved all the furniture (apart from the wardrobe) in the bedroom around, in an effort to have her feeling comfortable. After all, what are husbands for? I had to ask her to vacate the bed, though, as I just couldn't move it with her in-situ! So now the bed is underneath the A/C unit, and it still doesn't blow on her, but it's a change for the time being, so we won't grumble.

Talking about grumbling: there are some right grumblings going on between the Muslims and Coptic Christians in some parts of Egypt! It really is rather serious when people are being killed for being different! As I've mentioned before (I'm sure) there is a bigger percentage of Christians in Luxor than in most other places in Egypt. Seeing as there is really only Tourism here to provide anything resembling mass employment, the two religions need to work side by side, and without the constant uncertainty which seems to be prevalent in other places.
We had our last guests in the tourist souk the other day and I was delighted to notice this sign hanging across the street.

It's given me a little bit more confidence to reiterate that Luxor is still a relatively safe holiday destination. So, get onto Thomson or Kuoni, or someone, and get yourself booked on a flight here soon!!!!!

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