Who are you?

Sometimes, when the phone rings, I don't know who is calling. When they don't say something like "Hi, it's Billy here" (or Bahaa or Montgomery or whoever) I often say "Who are you?" This becomes a problem when it's an Egyptian on the line, who then invariably replies with "I'm fine, hamdulillah, how are you?"

So, let their be no mistake here today, the question is definitely "WHO are you?"

Ever since I got the "feedjit" thing on the blog, I've been wondering who all these folk are from places far and wide. I know that the person from "Barry, Vale of Glamorgan" is Karen (aka Tutankaren) and that the one from "Gateshead" is (99% sure) our son Benjamin (aka one-ear) but the others? Well I'm not at all sure!

There's "Preston Lancs" the only people I know there are Richard and Margaret, is that you Richard or Margaret? And then there's Walsall, that could be one of the "Wenches" Glen or Mar, is it? How about "Green Bay Wisconsin" Is that Debra, who stayed with us last year? "New York" could be Mary Pat another past guest, with her BIG husband. Yes, no? There are a good number of places to which we have no connection whatsoever, like Burundi, and Tajikistan, they must have just been unfortunate to stumble across this blog, lol. We've had a guest from Russia, mind you, a place name which often crops up, so is that you Viktor?

Honestly, ever since I got the feedjit, it's driving me crazy! Please please, let me know who you are? If you cannot manage to leave a message on the blog (I know, it's a bit difficult) then you could always drop us an email, please?

Mistake!!!!! I've just realised that it's not Debra who's in Green Bay, it's the Bluels (aka Motor Mike) Sorry about that, both of you! Debra, how's the Mexican house going?


  1. Well it's definitely me in Gateshead! Although i'm hopeful your Mam will join me as i've just put a link to here on her desktop.

  2. 100% me in wet and windy Wales. Do keep us updated with your findings dear Edward and keep the posts coming. Tutankaren. xx

  3. Well, although I am near Edinburgh mine normally comes up as Colchester!! Today it's come up us Thetford!!! Just looked at my blog and I've had a visitor from Ystalyfera - I have no idea where that is!!! Marlscat

  4. Yesterday I was showing as "Aberdeen" (168 miles away) today I'm showing as "Edinburgh" a wee bit closer at around 35 miles away from sunny Tweedbank.

    Suzie :-)

  5. Marlscat, Divadarlihg used to come up on mine as from Ystalyfera, it's Swansea way.

    Suzie, maybe they know that you are really an itinerant!!!!!

  6. Thanks Edward - DD contacted me and enlightened me as to where it was - just shows you what I know as I thought it was a Russian or Eastern European place!! I've now changed my location to Edinburgh so save more confusion!! Marlscat

  7. Oops - that should read 'to save more confusion!!'