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Hi, we've had a quite busy few days!

One of our current guests is a famous (well, certainly in some circles) musician, although not at the moment, the height of his fame being 20 or so years ago. Along with his son, of the same name, he was the mastermind behind the music of an ensemble known as "Hash 'n' Thrash". They can be seen on You Tube if you copy and paste the following into your address bar:


Our guest is the one with the guitar, who appears at about 1 minute and 30 seconds, on the left of the stage, with the hair and beard.

He's a fascinating bloke who has kept me enthralled with his various tales. I do really hope that he's enjoying his staying with us as much as we are enjoying having him here. He and his partner have been out and about with us on a number of occasions, which I think have been quite successful. Although this isn't their first time in Luxor, I hope we have managed to introduce them to a few of the towns less obvious delights!

This afternoon, we four are gracing the Victoria Lounge at the Winter Palace, where we plan to enjoy the ritual of Afternoon Tea. Freda and I did this only five days ago to celebrate her birthday, but we'll suffer it again for the sake of our guests! (Being a gentleman, I couldn't possibly reveal her age, but she won't see 47 again.)

Talking of "less obvious delights"; I think we have another couple of "Hawawshi" converts in Mr and Mrs suzychuck! (From Lincoln and Trip Advisor and the Etap.) We got Ahmed (the caleche man) the other night to take the four of us along to Karnak, to introduce them to my new favourite dish. There were some irritating children playing football next to where the caleche was parked, so, instead of strangling them, I asked Ahmed to take us around to where the Sphinxes are to be found nestling in peoples front gardens, to find somewhere quiet where we wouldn't be disturbed whilst we tucked into our scrumptious repast.
We enjoyed seeing the Sphinxes and the new diggings etc, and the two new mosques on the back road to Karnak Temple, but didn't find any peace and quiet until we commandeered a lay-by near the Military Club on the Corniche! This was at least a half hour later, and I was a bit apprehensive about how hot the Hawawshi would still be. I needn't have worried, it was still quite hot to handle, and just a comfortable temperature to eat. Our two friends both loved it! (And this time, it was MY treat for a change. Those of you who were beginning to wonder if I EVER pay, take note.)

Kev and Jean (our current guests) leave for home tomorrow, then we have three whole weeks (due to the revolution scaring people off?) before our next ("Geordie") guests arrive. One of them is a regular visitor to Luxor, but a first timer in our apartment. I hope they are suitably impressed, or they'll be sent back to the "Coaly Tyne" forthwith!!!!!

Bye for now.

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