Lighting Up Time?

When I were a lad: you had to have lights on yer bike!

Now we've got them back on our mountains!!!!! It was the first thing I noticed last night, when I got to the top of our stairs and turned onto the roof terrace. What a pleasant surprise to come home to, even though I was tramping through a weeks worth of accumulated dust.

It was getting tedious to have to explain to every new guest that the lights were "temporarily (insh'Allah) off, but that when they were on, we had a cracking view of them." It sounds so hollow, and worthless!

Abdullah the Egyptologist and Guide.

I really cannot sing this lad's praises highly enough! He was excellent, on time every time, never glum or petulant, and always ready to talk about Egypt, ancient or modern.
At Kom Ombo it was pretty crowded, but it wasn't a problem. If we couldn't get to where we wanted to be next, Abdullah just turned to the wall next to where we were and started to reel of an explanation of the writings he found there, carefully pointing to and pronouncing each syllable to make up the words, and then following the changes in pronunciation up to the modern idiom. When the place we wanted became free, we then just moved on. Not many guides I know are this able to leave their learned text.

Abdullah's email is and I recommend him to anyone whose language is English. He also has a website (which is quite old, and possibly a bit out of date) which is http:/

That's all for tonight folks. Goodnight.

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