Egypt Moving Forward:- Little Taster Videos

Apart from some Rap "musicians", the first entertainment was the Whirling of the Dervishes. Not that these are necessarily actual Dervishes, you understand! Nevertheless, there were five of them all performing at the same time. Three on the stage and the other two on the floor, in front of the stage. They were pretty impressive, but the best part was a minute or two farther on. Sadly, that video was one of those which was badly out of focus. (I've no idea why this should be!)

The Saidi dancers were great! First they started with only men, the dance being reminiscent of the stick and sword dances which can be seen all over England at certain seasons of the year, then came the ladies to join them, and that's what I managed to get on camera.

In he mid 1800's, Mohamed Ali (the ruling Turkish Pasha) banished a certain type of dancing girl from Cairo, as being too licentious. These girls moved to Upper Egypt, mainly to the Luxor area. Perhaps the girls in the clip are descendants of these "ghawazees"? If not physically then maybe artistically, only that their dress would have been worn without much fabric down the front, exposing much bare flesh around the bosom! I don't think that our beloved Governor would have approved of that. (Although the men in the audience might have thought it even more watchable!)

The Pharaonic Dance troupe were also excellent. They arrived on stage to the same music which is used for the dancers at the Nile Palace, but I don't know if they were the same dancers.

Then there were the Nubian Dancers. Also, beginning with the men with the women joining them, but that video didn't come out right either, sorry.

Then after quite a long wait while there were a few more short speeches and a man (a poet, I think) came and did their bits, (the poet type got a very loud reception, from the Egyptians especially) we got a bunch of Old Geezers. Apparently, they have a good time playing their music at JJ's at Karnak twice a week. They were surprisingly good, but I think the keyboard player fancied himself as being a second John Mayall! I wonder if they have a place for a concertina in their group? Well, maybe not, eh?

I was also surprised to see so many small children there. It rally was quite chilly by the time we left, and that was before the end. Never mind, this little girl was enjoying herself............

She's dancing to the "international" group from Hurghada "13 Daze". Their video didn't come out well either, so if you'd like to see them; you'll have to make the trek to that Red Sea resort!!! They are composed of English and Swedish musicians, and were really quite enjoyable, even for an oldie like me.

All in all, it was a good "do". I do hope that it will get a decent showing around the world. One particularly effective part was the showing of a short film with Luxorians, of different nationalities and races and ages, all vocalising the same thoughts; Egypt Moving Forward, and looking to a new and better future.

I certainly hope so!

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