A Party in Luxor!

We have been out gallivanting tonight! I know it's not usually our type of thing to go to a pub, either here or even back in England.

However, it was a special occasion, our good friend Marianne's birthday celebration. We were invited, and told there would be food, so it would have been churlish to refuse. The King's Head is in the southern end of town, near the big hotels, and is done out a bit like a British pub (of sorts), although the "Head" is that of Akhenaten (the heretic king of ancient Egypt).

We went with another of our favourite friends, Beverley. Of course most of our ex-pat friends were there as well. I won't bore you with a list of names, but if I don't mention lovely Christine from Tutti Fruitti, I'll get it "in the neck" next time we're there! Here she is in this group, second from the right, holding up her left hand.

I took another photo from the the other side as well, showing a few more of the revellers.

There was a good number turned out to help Marianne celebrate, maybe around 40 or 50. I think everyone will have enjoyed it. The music was a tad too loud for my liking, starting with some 70's stuff (yuck) and graduating to 60's (what a laugh). A few of the braver oldies got up and had a dance, much to the amusement of many of us others!

The food was most acceptable, with plenty to go around, and finished off with a delightful birthday cake, of which everyone had a piece. We, of course, finished off with tea!

Here's a not very good shot of the birthday girl, with escort Denis. She's actually a few weeks older than me, but in a much better state of preservation, I'm pleased to say!

We didn't get home until after midnight, I hope the bairns don't find out, or we'll never hear the last of it!

p.s. There were four young men who seemed to be gatecrashers, but they turned out to be the rock group (13 Days), who were booked to play at Luxor's BIG party tomorrow night, who were just looking for some diversion to fill in their evening. One of them (Luca, from Essex) tried to hit on our mate Beverly, as she was the best looking bird there, and was visibly deflated when he learnt that she was married. She said that he thought Freda and I were her Mam and Dad, what a cheek!

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