Whose plan was it, and did it fail or not?

Well, I was happily working away, checking the emails etc, when we got a telephone call from England. He’s resigning tonight! Came the news from the BBC. We get CNN on our telly in the guest apartment, so we switched it on to see and hear reports that “a senior government official” was being reported as saying that the President would stand down in a speech tonight. The report seemed to emanate from the Director of the CIA, no less!

Postings began to appear on the different forums on the laptop, some saying that the Supreme Army Council had met without either the president or the Vice President in attendance, and that they would take over the government of the country after the President had stood down this evening. Within a few minutes of hearing this news, we heard a commotion coming down the main road. Horns blaring and people cheering, it must be right! It was all just a matter of when he would jump! One source said that he had recorded a speech which would be broadcast tonight, after he had left the country. Another said that no, he was still here and would make the speech live. We would have to wait and see.

I’m quite sceptical when it comes to politics, and was wondering just who started these rumours? Is it to try and force President Mubarak’s hand, by pre-empting anything that he might be planning himself? Then Freda came up with the (most likely IMHO) answer. The whole rumour was started because it was obvious that President Mubarak was not going to budge until the elections in September, and when the protestors were disappointed to not get what they had been led to believe they were going to they would re-double their efforts, and probably turn violent. It’s really like a CIA “Black Ops.” Movie, and the only informant who has been identified on the news (which I have seen, anyway) was the Director of the CIA.

No matter who it was, I don't suppose it will be of any benefit to Luxor, eh?

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