Trouble in Luxor?

Here I am, sitting in Tuttie Fruittie, where I'm using the owners laptop 'cause mine is not working properly.
Trouble in Luxor? Not really, I'm pleased to say. Curfew in Luxor? Against everything I've seen on the telly and read on t'internet, no there isn't! I keep asking my neighbours, and they keep saying "No". The buses are still running (all evening, at least) as usual and people are still wandering about till all hours! A few tourists to whom I have spoken tell me that their hotels have told them to stay indoors after dark, but I think that there may be a slight "profit" motive there, eh?
Although I have spoken to BBC Online several times, they continue to misrepresent the situation here in Luxor, as do all the other TV channels. When I see and hear TV reporters talking about the different levels of unrest occurring in Cairo, Alex "and other cities", it makes my blood boil! Don't they care at all about the livelihood of the poverty stricken Egyptians? Is the rush to have a sensational report to file more important than the truth?
I must be stupid to think that the truth could matter, where reporters and TV executives are concerned!


  1. Glad your both OK,take care.


  2. Hi Steve,
    How do we get in touch with you now? Please send us an email to
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    Edward and Freda.

  3. Let's all pray, whatever our religion is, for a peaceful and fair government to be elected soon. One which cares for all Egyptians' health and provides a minimum income for all. Let peace quickly engulf all Egypt so tourism can again enrich the economy.