Helping the Luxor you love!

There's not a lot happening here at the mo', very few tourists as yet, although we do have a fair few Egyptian tourists around.
We are getting stuck into all those "little jobs" around the house which don't entail spending cash! (Main reason being that we haven't got any, lol.)
In the meantime, we've been informed of a new venture to try and put Luxor's plight and potential on the front page! Our mate Hazel has sent me this copy/paste jobby from their "facebook" thingy. I'm not a member of that site, so I couldn't access it myself. Here it is:-

Egypt Moving Forward invites you to join us for an exciting celebration of Egyptian life and culture as we welcome the world to the New Egypt.

Beginning at 3:00 PM on February 26th, Luxor Temple Park will come alive with the voices of Luxorians and authentic folkloric entertainment:

Event Itinerary:

Introduction and Welcome from the organizers
Sufi Dancing Performance
Mission Message
Stick Dancing with Mezmar Musical Performance
Rababa Musical Performance and Folkloric Dance
Nubian Music and Dance Performance
British Rock Band
...And More!

Egypt Moving Forward is celebrating culture and unity: coming together, embracing change, and welcoming the world.

Today, Egypt is making new history: a free future for the people. Today, the streets of Egypt are full of newfound liberty, happiness, and the warmth and hospitality the people are famous for. Freedom has brought new life to Egypt

By all accounts it should be a good do, with a wide range of attractions throughout the afternoon. If you're in Luxor why don't you join us, let's show the world a little solidarity and help us put your favourite holiday destination back on the map?
See you there then.

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