Let Joy be Unconfined!!!!!

Yes indeed playmates, let joy be unconfined, for 'tis the Prophet's Birthday!

Prophet Muhammad (after whom the Muhammadans took their title) was given the words of Allah, as I'm sure you'll remember, and someone wrote it all down as the Quran. These words are the direct words of Allah, and as such cannot be questioned or interpreted. We've all seen the Sindbad the Sailor movies, where the baddies acolytes always say "To hear is to obey, oh Master!" well, this is where the concept comes from, the Quran, Allah's incontestable demands!

I've read quite a bit of it, and I do remember one part where it says "There should be no compulsion in religion" (or words to that effect). So why is it that we (the population of Luxor) being Muslim, Christian, Atheist or whatever, are subject to three nights of incredibly loud music and singing till the early hours, in order to celebrate the Prophet's birthday? And was he born on three consecutive days?

Why don't Muslims take heed of this command in the Quran "NO COMPULSION"? Can anyone tell me?

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