First there is a mountain, then.........

That's right, you're showing your age if you know the next line! It is (for the uninitiated) "there is no mountain, then there is" courtesy of our old pal, Donovan!

That's exactly what has happened here, or to adapt an even older song "Yes, we have no.... mountains". The Boss and I have been wondering over the past few days why we have no mountain illumination. I think that it's a case of the "Egyptian Way" (i.e. they've stopped working, so that's it!) and she thinks that they haven't paid the electricity bill. I suppose time will tell. Here's a pic of the lack of lights.

I'm constantly puzzled by Egypt and the Egyptians, they are a conundrum! I really believe that there is, indeed, the "Egyptian Way" and it shows itself in a million different situations.

Like, for instance; traffic lights. I remember seeing them, all over I suppose, during the years when I was a tourist. Only problem being that they didn't work, and looked as if they hadn't for years! Then, along came a new generation of traffic lights, and "zebra" type pedestrian crossings. I'm still not au fait with the traffic light procedure, who stops and who goes through on red? It's a bit of a minefield for pedestrians. (But then, they shouldn't mess with children, should they?) Oh, it's not them, no? Ahhh, pediatricians, that's it! never mind, back to Luxor........... The new traffic lights at the Iberotel roundabout have now been off for weeks, and it looks like they've been abandoned to the Egyptian Way! As for the zebras, they are only there to give the drivers some sport. If you notice, the warning signs on the road, to "slow down" and "stop" are written in English!!!! Even if the Luxor drivers were told that the pedestrian has the "right of way", they'd still adopt the "Egyptian Way" and try to knock the unsuspecting tourist down.

I'm currently re-reading Sophia Poole's book "The Englishwoman in Egypt" of 1844. It is fascinating, very much a ladies version of Edward Lanes "Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptian" from 1836. Of course, it would be, as they were brother and sister and Edward "kept her right" so to speak, while she was writing it. The book is written as a series of letters to a friend, and I've just finished letter 8, which ends with the words...."and here my eyes were opened to a new manner of accounting for the generally wretched appearance of the children of this country. Their parents put anything and everything that is eatable into their mouths, without the slightest regard to its being wholesome or otherwise. How then can they be strong or healthy?"

Then, as we ventured out this afternoon, I saw this and laughed!

There are 88 boxes of crisps (known as chips here), and some more stacked sideways under the "M" of the shop name. The pasting table in the foreground gets piled with individual wrapped pieces of cake (like Twinkies, etc.) and sweets and chocolate. Just the shop for those Egyptian mothers of yore, eh?

A few yards, sorry, metres farther down the street, I came across this "blast from the past".

For the uninitiated (again), it's a Bedford, from around 1960 ish. I worked on these as a boy, engine jobs made your ribs ache for days! I remember the "tin can" cylinder liners being very tricky, as they could easily buckle if you didn't get them dead straight! I apologise again for the poor quality of the picture. My mate Big Al would be drooling over these wagons out here!

With old things on my mind, (yes I'm sitting looking at the Boss across the room!) I should tell you about the hazards (about which I've just learned myself) of eating things that are "out of date". As many of you know, I like ginger! McVities Jamaica Ginger Cake, cheap and nasty ginger snaps, ginger puddings, chocolate ginger and crystallised ginger. The latter being something I have a love/hate relationship with, therefore it sometimes lies around for quite some time, without being finished off. Our last guest, brave Melanie, brought us some handmade chocs as a late Christmas present, among them was a chocolate ginger. As it melted in my mouth and the ginger caught on the back of my throat; my passion for the crystallised variety was................. re-awakened!

Now then, where is it? I can buy some Cadburys Dairy Milk to go with it, and I'll be transported to heaven! Of course the Boss knew where it was straight away. I enjoyed just a few pieces each night, wallowing in the pleasure which only connoisseurs really appreciate! Then, last week, the sticky ginger goo lifted an old amalgam filling right out of one of my molars! I couldn't believe it, I had to waste a mouthful of Cadburys and ginger! It's fixed now, by Dr. Farid (Shawky that is, on Cleopatra Street). But he said that I shouldn't eat any more of that "candy" (Philistine!) as an ordinary filling might come away again. I think he was really just trying to get me to have the 500le crown, actually.

When I got home, I checked the packet of ginger, just to see how much I might have to waste. The "use by" date was August 2007! I thought it had been a bit hard on first starting to chew, but it soon became quite alright. Never mind, I bravely threw away the remaining few pieces, and grabbed the newer bag, the use by date on this one is 2009, so it should be fine!!!! I don't recall how long it's been open though?

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