Excitement at Our Luxor!

Yes folks, what a riveting time we had this morning. We were expecting a (quite famous) visitor! I had to vacuum the roof terrace (after serving our current guest's breakfast) and make myself presentable (no easy task, as you know) and then the Boss was yelling at me over the noise of the vacuum, "ANSWER THE DOOR, WILL YOU!!!!"
I legged it down the dancers (why are stairs "dancers") to luckily find that I did actually have my keys in my pocket, for a change, and didn't have to go all the way back up.
Our visitor had just returned from a trip to England, and was laden with post from home, a months worth of magazine reading for the Boss, and three large packets of Waitrose cheap ginger snaps for me. (They are truly delicious, by the way.)
As soon as I saw the name "Waitrose" my memory was cast back some 15 or even 20 years, when I was an active member of the proud "Morris Cowley and Oxford Club". We started off with a Morris Cowley: 1200 cc, no heater, and 18 miles to the gallon! It was absolute purgatory travelling up and down to Arnold, near Nottingham, during the winter to visit the in-laws. The kids were wrapped up in blankets lying across the back seat, asleep, and no seatbelts!!! Is that child abuse, or what? When we later on moved up market to a 1955 Morris Oxford, I organised a "Round Britain Rally" where a convoy of Series 2 and 3 Oxfords and Cowleys travelled up the East side of the country, as far as Melrose in the Borders, (where we stayed in the delightful Burt's Inn, while some poor b***ers slept in their cars) and then came back down the West side. I cannot now remember how many cars turned out, but we made quite a showing, strung out along the M6! We met several other members for the first time, and one of them was a manager of a White Rouse store somewhere in the Deep South! I think it wasn't until the second day that I realised that what he was actually saying was "Waitrose" a name which I hadn't heard before. His name was Duncan Leece, Club Treasurer, and he and his wife had a four-poster bed at home. Happy days!
I digress (for a change), anyway, the gingers are a real treat.
Actually our visitor was even more welcome than the biscuits! We were over the moon to welcome back ............Ruby Tuesday! But she wouldn't say where she came from!!!!!

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