More Evictions by Luxor Council.

Don't you just love sensationalist headlines?

But, I wouldn't tell you fibs, Dear Reader, the Amoun Men are out and about, evicting the poor Dickie birds from the trees on the Corniche!

Don't forget to click on the pictures if you want to enlarge them, twice to make them giant size!

Yes, here we are at the beginning of spring, and they're stripping the leaves from the trees as if it were autumn. The men have long sticks, with which they bash the foliage, and thus loosen all the leaves.

The problem, as far as the ornithologists are concerned, is that all these trees are inhabited by hundreds of little birdies. At sundown you can see them swooping low over the buildings and disappearing into these very trees. All along the Corniche, past the Temple and the Winter Palace, their twittering is very loud for quite some time, as the sun dips below the Western Mountains. Here's a longer shot of the bloke in the tree. Just think, if this were England; he'd have to have a tree climbing licence and £1000 worth of safety gear. Ha! Here he's wearing protective ship ships. (Flip Flops to the ignorant among you.)

Coffee and Tea, again!

We were at the Etap again, this time to see the fresh tourists arrive. Not many for the Etap this week, I'm afraid. Nevertheless, there were a good number of coaches came past from the airport.

We were told earlier in the week, that the Nile Palace was almost back to where it should be, occupancy wise, so with a decent number of newcomers today; things aren't wholly doom and gloom.

We came around the side of the Etap to have a look at the progress with the new frontage. It's coming on, as you can see.

A Different Subject?

While we were at the Sonesta, the other night, I took the following snap. I thought it looked quite nice, and it's of the handbasins in the Gents! What do you think?

I'm just coming to the end now, and just timed it nicely! We had Ahmed the caleche man take us to Karnak for some Hawawshi and Macarona tonight. It's gorgeous, I'll have to remember to photograph it next time. So now, we are having our pudding; strawberry Swiss roll and Birds custard. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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