Invasion of Luxor by highly trained Syrian Special Forces!!!!!

I thought that I should let you all know about this under reported phenomenon. After the "Peaceful Revolution" we seem to be experiencing the "Colonisation by Trade"! It only concerns those of you who will be here in Luxor before 18th March, as I hope the Syrian traders will have been vanquished by then. Here's a pic of the entrance to their encampment, see: they are even importuning mothers with children into their lair! Will they enslave them?

The villains have camped on the spare ground next to the kiddies amusement park on Medina Street, and are persuading the women of Luxor into becoming tantalising seductresses by selling them saucy negligees in various styles and colours. It makes you wonder what their own Syrian women are really like???

They are also enticing the men of Luxor away from their traditional modes of dress, these suits with shirts and ties, will make them virtually indistinguishable from western business men, will these Syrian Devils stop at nothing?

Look, they even have western style food processing equipment, I can hardly believe my eyes!

We came across two of these shifty interlopers, handing out what they termed "free samples". Of course, we know that there is no such thing as a "free lunch" or even a "free sample", so, in the name of Freedom and of the New Egypt, we offered ourselves as guinea pigs for these foreign so-called "delicacies". We needed to establish whether they were indeed laced with some sort of stupefying agent. (The Boss murmured something about it not being detectable in my case.)

I'm not sure what their strategy is supposed to be, but with quality products such as these decorative beaded covers and large wall hangings, they are certainly giving the stuff in the souks of Luxor a real showing up! It's as well that I had my concealed camera with me, or you and the "proper authorities" would never have known!

The fact that these little examples of decadent frivolity look green instead of their alluring golden colour, is down to my camera being hidden inside my green pullover, and nothing at all to do with my picture taking skills, and if you dare to mention my colour blindness; I'll have the thought police onto you!

I strongly suggest that you don't read this secret report, as it may be held against you, if and when the counter revolution takes place. Just pretend that it's a Syrian Market, selling beautiful items which are well made and which would be very difficult and expensive to find in most countries.

Remember, "Loose Lips Sink Ships". Blue Leader signing off!

p.s. Don't forget to click on the pictures to make them more easily inspected for Further evidence, Shhhhhhh!

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