Easily pleased?

I am easily pleased, most of the time. I love food, and while, again, I'm easily pleased, I can also be quite picky! Like this dish below, on the face of it; it's just scrambled egg and mushrooms on toast, with a dash of sauce on top. But you'd be wrong to think that! The toast needs to be just the right colour, the scrambled eggs need to be not quite dry and the mushrooms just barely fried (with black and red pepper). The sauce has to be HP Fruity, and everything has to be hot! It's then a feast which nothing else could match (at that precise moment, anyway!). 

Architecture fascinates me! Not in cerebral way, like I know anything about it, but in that, certain styles appeal to me in a way that's more than "normal", if you know what I mean. This old mud-brick building on Manchiya Street, not far from the station, is such a building. There are fewer and fewer of these about, as successive Governors seem to want to do away with them altogether. They'll be missed by many who are easily pleased, including me.

Another phenomenon which pleases me relatively easily, is coming across unexpected sights, like this western style sailing boat on the Nile. It has a small cabin and it also, obviously, has an engine, as can be deduced by the way it's cutting through the water with its stern low and its bows raised. Incongruous? 

Sunsets please me enormously! There are some scenes of which I never tire, this

sunset represents one of them, and the next view, of the West Bank Mountain lights, is another. I must have more pictures of this from our terrace than anything else!

Something else, which I found to be quite strange and intriguing, is this below. Whatever can it be? There are a fair number of them situated around the precincts of Luxor Temple and the Kebash Road; they must have something to do with security, one would imagine. Clues, anyone?

Mentioning the West Bank Mountain lights; they've been shining away all night now for many weeks, sometimes while we've been suffering power cuts here among the living, too. Here they are still shining in the early morning, whilst the balloons are soaring skyward.

I've just put some black pudding in the fridge to set before cooking it tomorrow. The last batch was easily the best yet! I'm sure that John the (retired) Butcher will be pleased to know that little snippet!

Being "easily pleased" is (or so I believe) one of the finest qualities anyone can have, to enjoy a contented life.

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