Nice to see you; to see you, nice!

To any foreigners reading, you won't recognise the words of today's title as being a catchphrase of the ancient English entertainer Bruce Forsyth. So it's entirely wasted on you, sorry!

But never mind, the words are directed at our old friend Ruby Tuesday (although she still won't sat where she's from!) on the occasion of her re-entering the world of Blogging, in short; she's back!

I noticed her latest offering (after an absence of tooooo long) the other day. You can find it here:- Ruby Tuesday! Her blog is very different to mine, in that she is what we oldies refer to as "young" (blast her) and she has a young family too. Mind you, I don't envy her that responsibility in this day and age. I'm glad we had ours when we did, and that they are now (supposedly) independent.

It's funny, but I also took a picture of the sunset for this blog, and I think it must have been on the same evening as the one she took for hers.

Is that beautiful, or is that beautiful? I don't know whether it's an actual weather phenomenon or what, but it certainly seems to me that we are seeing more clouds in the sky over Luxor than we used to, anyone have an opinion on this?

I've been incredibly busy of late. That's why I haven't been writing (it's not because I've gone off you, Dear Reader, honest!), but I will get around to showing you the fruits of my labours before too long.

Watch this space!!!!!

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  1. Lovely sunset your nearly as good as David Bailyxxsandra mick