I'm just a bit peeved, don't worry!

When we had our last guests, I noticed that our water pump was turning itself on and off all the time, which means that there is a water leak somewhere! If you want, you can listen to this excellent video whilst you're reading, as the first line or two describe just about how I felt while I was trying it sort it out!!!!

After checking everything in the guest apartment, and finding nothing untoward, I found that the WC upstairs in our hovel was "running through". In laymen's terms, when the cistern had emptied and refilled, a small amount of water was by-passing the flush system and ending up trickling down the pan! Of course, the fancy pump switching device thought that a tap had been turned on and started to furiously pump water! However, as soon as it started, it also realised that the water it was pumping was too much for the demand, and so it switched the pump off, only to get the signal that water was again needed, and switching the pump back on.......ad infinitum!
The inlet valve in the cistern wasn't working properly, so I sprayed the adjusting screw with my trusted WD40 and adjusted it, without breaking anything! "That'll do the trick". What an optimistic fool!!!!! The valve just would not fully close.
I had to go and get a little shopping, so I called in at Mt Shawkey's plumbing supply shop and bought a new one. Problem number 132, the float fouled on the back of the cistern. Back to the shop, where Mrs Shawkey was now sitting with her husband and shop assisting (he's a trained lawyer) son. Introductions complete, she told the son that she loved my hair!!! Mind you, I think it was a stab at her husband whose hair is turning silvery grey, but he likes to dye it!!! Never mind that, though. Sorting through their selection of differing valves I found the ideal one, which was another tenner (what a surprise there, then).
Here's the box; "Gold" flash, eh?

And here it is in situ:

Slight problem was that the pipe fitting was a different size and needed an adaptor. "Why would that be a problem?" I hear you ask. Simply because the joint would need to be sealed with PTFE tape and it's in a very awkward position on the bottom of the cistern, that's why!

I hate this, it's always the same, a straightforward job is NEVER straightforward in Luxor. I don't want to be a plumber, I don't want to be a carpenter, or an electrician, or yet an air conditioning engineer. I just want to be a semi-retired geezer spending some quality time with his wife in a strange and warm country, can't they realise that?

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