Only in Egypt? Nah!

I've been reading the dreaded (or so some would say) Daily Mail, online. Yesterday and today it was warning people who live in England that the "Blood Rain" of the Saharan dust cloud is headed their way. What they're saying is that the prevailing wind is picking up fine sand in the North African desert, and depositing it in various areas of the British Isles. (By the way, and not many people know this, but; "sahara" is just the Arabic pronunciation of their word for "desert"! Only it's not pronounced sa-har-ah, but sah-ha-rah. So when you say "The Sahara desert", you're really saying "The Desert desert" which is rather silly, I'm sure you'll agree.)
But never mind! Before you get it in sunny old England, it's dumping some here in Luxor, on our roof-terrace!!! Of course it probably isn't exactly the same wind, as ours is the "Khamseen", traditionally the fifty day wind, which comes off the desert in a (generally) Northern direction and dumps it's load of fine sand over all the Egyptian towns as it makes its way up to al Quahira...Cairo. So, the Khamseen's sand isn't only in Egypt!

I'd bet (if I were a betting man, that is, which I'm not) that the following is "Only in Egypt" though. If you've been persevering with my scribblings for a long time, you might remember this picture from  years ago:

Yes, that's right; Facebook Shoes!

Well, here's a new one for you, and in the very next street:

I wonder what Uncle Walt, and the Mouse, would have thought of that? Maybe they'd just shrug it off, like the owners of all the other registered trade marks which are being mis-used and mis-represented here in Luxor. I think I've probably pointed them all out at one time or another, but just for a laugh.......
PC World, Windows (crisps), facebook shoes, Disney shoes, B&M Stores, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, and they're the ones that I can bring to mind!

 In the last Blog, I advised you to "Watch this space". Well, I haven't collated all the pictures yet, as they're spread over a couple of years, but here's a taster for you:

On this Coptic Good Friday, and especially for all you unbelievers reading this, I've entitled this picture "In the beginning". (But it wasn't quite, actually!)
Again, watch this space!!!!


  1. We think this is your stairs your painting. sandra mick.x

  2. Disney is especially aggressive about enforcement of their trademarks, so obviously they haven't seen it. Yet.