Ingenuity in Egypt!!!

Hi. It's Sunday and we've just come out of our third power cut of the day at 09:15. Apparently, Luxor has been having quite a number of power outages per day for the past few days, but we hadn't been experiencing them. "Why not?" I hear you ask, incredulously. "Because we've been away on our hols." comes the unexpected answer.

Yes, we've been following in the footsteps of that famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, and "Taking the steamer, up the Nile", for the past four nights. (Well, not actually only "up" the Nile,  but "up" and also "down" again, and not actually on a steamer, but the boat was the modern equivalent, in that it was diesel powered. You get my drift, yes?)

We joined the lovely Royal Viking cruiseboat on Tuesday lunchtime, and disembarked last night at about 20:00 hours when it again tied up at the Viking dock near Luxor's Horus Bridge. (But more about that at a later date.)

This Blog is just a quickie, in order to reveal that at least one of the Nile cruise holiday companies is "ahead of the game" as they strive to meet future Nile cruising requirements when the Ethiopians have taken all the Nile water for themselves.

I think it's a brilliant idea, how about you, Dear Reader?

No, it's not a fake picture, and yes, it is a Nile cruiser on a set of wheels! There are other wheel sets in the foreground, too. I'm sorry that the photo isn't of a better quality, but the sun had actually set by the time we came across this wonderful and thrilling sight.

The only major problem which I foresee (after they manage to build roads which will accommodate the number, and vast weight, of the the formerly maritime traffic) will be traffic control, as I know how Egyptian drivers like to drive!!!!!  

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  1. nice holiday for you we on holiday going on steam train in scarbough.