I often think I'm living in "de Nile", but in reality, I spend quite a bit of time in denial! The other day, in a "Road to Damascus" moment, I was finally forced to face reality regarding poor Alice the Camel.

You'll remember her, surely, Dear Reader? But, just in case you don't:

There she is in all her glory, before her tragic accident at the hands of City Link the murderers, I could still cry, honestly! Mind you, as the saying goes, "What goes around comes around", and they went bankrupt (or something) shortly afterwards. Serves 'em right, I say!

Anyway, to get back to the present; As you know, we're in Windy Nook just now, and Freda has a "list" of jobs for me to accomplish. It's added to, as I manage to finish each one and cross it off. One job was to "see to" Alice!

She was mouldering away in a cardboard box in the large cupboard upstairs, waiting for me to start the laborious task of glueing her back together. I went up there to retrieve something else from the next door cupboard, and found that I also needed to open the one where she was.

My heart sank, as I suddenly realised she would never be right again! The fateful moment had come; she had to go! I gently carried her box downstairs to the landing, and placed her on the table:

Many of her shattered parts were wrapped in bubble wrap, ready to be transported to Egypt, but now; only the ignominy of the the council waste disposal depot awaited her.

That's the final picture. I took my camera to the dump, intending to record her last resting place for posterity, but once there; I forgot! Old age beginning to tell?

Farewell, Alice the Camel.


  1. Poor Alice, RIP.

  2. She was such a beauty , that was a really sad posting.......... It must have been hard throwing her away.